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Addicted is going to be an exciting new movie that has been scheduled to be released in late 2013. This movie starring Sharon Leal, and co-starring Tasha Smith, Tyson Beckford, Boris Kodjoe, William Levy and Garrett Hines is an adaptation of the erotic fiction writer Zane‘s bestselling novel Addict.

The director Billie Woodruff is sure to give the best treat to his fans with the most exciting movie of the year 2013. He has done a great job in directing an awesome movie revolving around a woman who ruins her family life with her sex addiction. The screenplay is done by Christina Welsh and Ernie Barbarash and produced by Marc Bienstock, Jennifer Booth, Jennifer Booth and Charisse Nesbit with the original music done by Anton Sanko.

ImageThe plot

The Addicted movie revolves around the character Zoe Reynard played by Sharon Leal. In this movie Zoe Reynard is a successful African-American businesswoman in a perfectly strange marriage. They have three children and everything goes fine till they lead a happy and busy life raising the children.  Zoe is a person who is completely devoted to her family and her career but at one there comes a strange thing in her life that changes everything in her life completely.

When Zoe finds her life incomplete and dark she goes in search of a new person in her life, whom she thinks that he could fulfill all her desires and also her addiction to sex. While Zoe started to enjoy her new relationship everything goes wrong one after the other and this finally landed up her in to a dangerous path that she may not survive

The cast

  • Sharon Leal as Zoe Reynard
  • Kat Graham as Diamond
  • William Levy as Quentin Matthews
  • Maria Howell as Nina
  • Hunter Burke as Shane
  • Justin Scott as Young Bully
  • Brandon Gonzales as Tony
  • Andrew R. Kaplan as Art Buyer
  • Keith Ratchek as Art Gallery Attendee